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Our Services

C-Herald Property Services provides 360° comprehensive solutions and services for your properties and real estate. From leasing and operation management to asset evaluation management, our services combine all areas before, during and after the real estate project. The company provides to developers and owners the best real estate experience — with the new technology and rigor of Japanese property management style, service innovation and cost control.


We have combined our rich international market management experience and management model with the local national culture, and thus developed a management service model that meets local needs.


We provide consultancy services from pre-sale planning, market analysis, sales planning, advertisement deployment and introduction to property management. 

Local Agent 

We have the best-built marketing team in Phnom Penh city built upon good performance and a precise client list. 

Asset Management 

We provide foreign clients with services including rent and management on their behalf, with rental updates, simple repairs and 24/7 maintenance. 

Sales Planning 

We assist developers to accurately interpret the need of the market so as to exactly target a group and finalize the sales more smoothly. 

Rental Service 

In addition to multi-language service, we provide remarkable professional assistance on apartment and building rental. We focus not only on tenants, but also cooperations. 

Property Management 

We are the first property management company with Japanese capital in Phnom Penh city -- which offers excellent property management services!


Our Concepts
in Business


Business Services

  • Shopping mall operations 

  • Investment promotions & consulting 

  • Brand introduction (for joint ventures)

  • Support needed for company launch 

  • Investment attraction


Asset Services 

Assist in project management and provide small owners with stable cash flow through leasing and hosting services.


Consulting Services 

  • Assist apartment owners to establish management system 

  • Assist project owners in training management personnel 


Agency Services

Assist owners with leasing and sales, and provide market research analysis and asset valuation


Property Services

Assist real estate associations to establish management operating standards and training.


C-Herald property has plans to upgrade to facility management. Stay tuned for our updated business services model! 

What Our Clients Say

IMAGE 2023-10-06 16_28_14.jpg

Huang Meng PHG

"Fantastic development by a reputable Japanese developer. Awesome services and facilities, convenient, safe and easy to move around."  
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